Heart of America
Debate & Forensics Institutes
presented by
Kansas Wesleyan University
and Sterling College
at Kansas Wesleyan University
Salina, Kansas
July 6-18, 2014

33rd Annual Policy Debate Institutes, Workshops, and Clinics

Kansas Wesleyan University & Sterling College Debate and Forensics programs are reaching out to the high school debate and forensic community to provide extended educational opportunities and resources to the students and coaches involved with debate and forensics. Our Heart of America Debate and Forensics institutes, workshops and clinics combine the expertise of our college staff with the knowledge and experience of current and former high school coaches to establish an environment for growth in skills and theory. The camp will conclude with a tournament, with the final round participants being offered debate scholarships to both Sterling College and Kansas Wesleyan.

To learn more about our camp, please follow the links below or send us an e-mail.

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All offerings and costs of said offerings are subject to change at the discretion of Heart of America Debate. Costs of HOA programs will be locked upon the receipt of a deposit.

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